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Multi-Surface Cleaner

Less stress, less waste, more clean.


Fresh Pine

Cleans, refreshes and invigorates!

The joy of a fresh clean home.

I’m passionate about inspiring homemakers - like you and me - to create fresh, orderly, joyful homes for themselves and their families. I’ve discovered what a powerful effect this has on your state of mind and well being. And how much an uplifting, refreshing scent rewards you for a job well done … That’s the vision of my new brand - l hope you love it as much I do!

Refreshing clean and a lighter footprint.

Keep kitchen messes away and  counter-tops sparkling with our eco friendly, budget friendly Multi-Surface Cleaner. Convenient concentrate refills and reuseable bottle, easily cleans grease, grime and dirt without harsh chemicals. Now available in a refreshing and calming Cucumber Melon or Fresh Pine scent.

Fast acting, effective clean

No harsh chemicals


Refreshing Scent

Perfect for kitchen counters and modern surfaces.

There's nothing like that final step of wiping down the surfaces in a room, and watching them gleam. The Multi-Surface Cleaner is streak free, film free, economical and easy to use and store.