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About Love Meg


Hey y’all, I'm Meg!

I love connecting with other moms and homemakers. When by chance, I made my first cleaning video, it blew up, and I thought I might be on to something! I learned from my viewers that my cleaning videos were helping spark other's enthusiasm for homemaking. That enthusiasm created the energy and motivation to take control of their homes. Together, we create clean, beautiful environments to celebrate our families everyday, on occasions big and small.

We've developed our Multi-Surface Cleaner as a way to bring more joy to your home-making efforts. There's nothing like that final step of wiping down the surfaces in a room, and watching them gleam while the crisp, clean scent of Cucumber-Melon or Fresh Pine rewards you for a job well done! 

I hope our products bless your home as they have blessed mine. Enjoy.

Love, Meg